Coming Aug. 14th… Core Story

RWchat Aug 14“Telling the story only you can tell” ~Kimberly Bell

We all have themes. Things that replay in your writing from story to story, almost subconsciously. Threads that carry through no matter the changes in subgenre or setting – whether you know it or not. On our next chat, we’ll talk about what a core story is and how to identify yours. Because the better we know our own story, the better we can make it shine.

See you Sunday at 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett


Perfect Protagonists—Why Ursula Should Have Her Own Movie

I blame Disney for the mess that is my early romantic relationships. Also 90’s era romance novels, but I think they can blame Disney too so they get a pass.  I don’t blame Disney 100%—and I think they’re trying to fix it (yay, Tangled!)—but I blame them a lot. And, in the interest of snowballing the change I think they’re trying to implement, I’m going to tell you why.

Let’s start with the Little Mermaid. Probably my favorite Disney movie growing up. It came out when I was five. This is a very formative time in a girl’s life. You’re finally almost a person with thoughts and words, but you’re still an idiot and super impressionable.

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From Graphic Novel to Manuscript

Here at #RWChat we’re all about hearing other people’s stories, so we’ve invited Shea Standefer to tell us about her first novel, which started life in comic form.


Shea Standefer author picHi, I’m Shea! I’ve been invited to write about how I took my idea for a graphic novel and turned it into a fully-fledged, #PitchWars-ready manuscript!

When I was in college, I was heavily into the comic book scene and I spent a lot of time doodling my own short stories. One class in particular led me to illustrating a 30-page comic, which ended up being the basis for my current manuscript, DEFINING LINES.

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