Coming Up on #RWchat… May 1st: How to hook readers

Hook, hook, hook! Not as in Captain Hook but not too far from it. We have to hook readers with our story, but how do we do it? From the blurb to page one to page fifty, our job is to hook the romance reader into opening the book and then turning the page again and again.

Come talk with us about what hooks have worked for you or what trouble you’re having with hooks. Maybe we’ll uncover the secret of luring the reader hook, line and sinker.

See you Sunday!


Coming Up on #RWchat… April 24th: What do you do when you hate what you’re writing?!

Thanks for an awesome chat on Voice tonight. Everyone had lots to say! (Pun intended :))

Next week we’re delving into something dark and terrible, something that every writer has experienced: What do you do when you’re totally hating on what you’re writing? Or are you the kind of writer this never happens to? (If so, please come tell us your secret!)

But if you’re like so many of us there are days, hours, weeks, months, where what’s happening in your current WIP just…looks like something you’d rather send to the scrap pile than let someone else read it. What do you do? How do you get through it?

Come with your questions, come with your woes, but most importantly, come to chat.

See you next Sunday!

Coming Up on #RWchat… April 17th: Voice

Today, we talked about our characters, how we develop them, how we relate to them, and how we keep them unique.

Next week, we’re going to tackle the illusive topic of VOICE. What is it? Why is it so important? We hear endlessly from editors and agents how they look for it, but how do we do it? Come share your unique “voice” on your process, and bring your questions too!