Host Talk: Jealousy

RWchat Host Talk Jealousy 2 (1)

Your co-hosts at #RWChat – Kimberly Bell, C.L. Polk, Alexis Daria, and Robin Lovett – have started a video chat, and we did our first one on professional jealousy. Hear us gab for 18 minutes about how we experience jealousy and how we support each other through it.

Let us know what you think – if you like it and what we should talk about next. Questions welcome!

See you for today’s #RWChat on Jealousy!

The First Rule of Pubclub

Publishing is a lot like fight club—especially traditional publishing.

A lot of the mystery swirling around getting any questions answered in publishing are chalked up to the fact that the experience is different for everyone. Timelines are different, deals are different, everything is different. And that’s not a lie.

But it’s also not the whole truth.

There are also things, as an author, that you’re just straight up not allowed* to talk about. So in lieu of talking about the forbidden subjects, we wanted to do the next best thing and at least talk about what the forbidden subjects are, so you know why we’re not talking about it.

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Mining Your Past

Content Warning: Domestic Violence

I had a whole thing I was going to write about. About how the hosts of #RWChat used to be graphic designers, opera singers, butterfly pinners (we know it’s entomology, but it’s more fun this way), and summer camp directors. The list of things we used to be, before we became romance authors, goes on and on and we’ve all taken pieces of those things forward to make us better at being what we are now—whether it be surviving critique, setting schedules, or designing covers.

That’s the basic idea of mining your past, but it’s not the only one—and apparently I want to talk about the other one, because I sat down to write a funny post about jobs and skills and this is what you’re getting instead. (I’m sorry. We’ll let Robin go back to doing the blogs any minute.)

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Coming March 19th… Mining Your Past

RWchat 3-19-17The first time you sit down to write, and every time thereafter, you’re not showing up to the page empty handed. You bring all your past experiences, jobs, relationships, and skills with you. Sometimes they work their way onto the page, but other times, they help your career in more subtle ways.

Opera singer. Photographer. Sales superstar. Butterfly pinner. And that’s just us over here at RWchat HQ! In the next chat, we’re going to talk about using the skills you’ve picked up in the past to help you in your present and future as authors.

Come join us Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST!

~Alexis Daria

Coming March 12th… Writing A Series


Graphic by Alexis Daria

There’s nothing worse than a great book ending and finding out there isn’t another one! Readers crave a series. Publishers like to sign a series. And who doesn’t want to make more money with a series? But writing a series takes a lot more planning and world building. How do you do it?

Come share with us Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett

Coming March 5th… Book Covers!


Graphic by Alexis Daria

Picking a cover for a romance novel can be a lot of fun. But it can also be a headache of enormous proportions. The number of factors to take into account is endless, and since it’s the number one marketing tool for our books… the pressure is on to get it right!

Come chat with us about your experience and to learn about the experience of others! Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett

Coming Feb. 26th… Losing the Magic


Graphic by Alexis Daria

We all love to write romance. But what about the days when you’re not feeling the HEA (Happily-Ever-After)? Once in a while, the things going on in life make writing romance the last thing you want to do. How do you write through those times? And what do you do when you feel disconnected from your work, but still have to write for a deadline?

Join us to chat about it. Sunday 4 pm PST / 7pm EST.

~Robin Lovett