Writing can be a very solitary activity, and the publishing industry can be as confusing as it is exciting. Add in all the challenges unique to writing romance and it can be very difficult to navigate. #RWChat was created to let the members of our amazing community get together and hash out those difficult areas with the help of some industry experts.

is a weekly Twitter chat for Romance and Women’s Fiction writers every Sunday at 4pm PST | 7pm EST.

RWchat logo

Past guests have included:

  • Alisha Rai
  • Rachel Brooks
  • Brenda Drake
  • Ava Jae
  • K.M. Jackson
  • Jami Gold
  • Christina Lauren
  • Katharine Ashe
  • Amy Reichert
  • Colleen Oakley
  • Radclyffe
  • E.E. Ottoman
  • Brighton Walsh
  • Kim Lionetti
  • and more!

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