June 26th: How do you revise?

All our work is perfect on the first draft!

Um…. or not. That’s why we revise. But there are as many ways to edit as there are writers in the world. How do you do it? Come share your favorite methods and find out more about how other romance writers re-work their work.

Sunday 7pm EST/ 4pm PST!

See you then!

~Robin Lovett

June 19th: Halfway Year Goals

Remember those New Year’s writing goals? How are they going? We start the year with ideas and plans, hopes and dreams for what’s in the year to come. We’re halfway through. How’s it going?

We’ll remember our goals from earlier in the year, observe how it’s gone so far, reassess our goals and set forward plans for the rest of 2016.

Join us with ideas and questions. Sunday at 7pm EST, 4pm PST on #RWChat.

~Robin Lovett

(image courtesy of Alexis Daria)


On June 12th: How did you learn your skills?

We all went to universities to become Romance Writers, right? Not.

But we had to learn it from somewhere. How have you learned to hone your craft? What have been your go-to sources in your crusade to become a writer? Tell us about books you’ve read, writing classes you’ve taken, websites and blogs you’ve visited, mentors and teachers you’ve followed, workshops and conferences you’ve attended. ¬†Everything you’ve needed to become the writer you are today.

Most importantly, come to learn how everyone else has learned it too!

See you at 7pm EST, 4pm PST at #RWCHAT

~Robin Lovett

#RWChat on June 5th: Organizing Life and Writing

Working a day job, having a family, living a life, cleaning a house… and being a writer. Easy, right? Ha ha. Or maybe for you it is easy. Join us this week to talk about how we juggle our writing careers with living our daily lives. If you’re great at it, come share. If you’re…not so great at it… come commiserate.

See you on Twitter! Sunday 7 pm EST/ 4pm PST