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Join us Sundays at 7pm ET / 4pm PT for these fun new topics on #rwchat this month:

October 7th Opposites Attract

October 14th Leveling Up

October 21st Dreaming Big

October 28th Antagonists / Villains

Coming in September. . .

For this month, we’ve got a bunch of new topics planned:

September 2nd Anxiety

September 9th Asking For Help

September 16th Subplots

September Goals on the 23rd

September 30th Hug Your Haters

See you there at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT on #rwchat!


Coming August . . .

We’ve got a bunch of fantastic new topics planned for this month!

August 5th Pacing

August 12th What Love Can’t Heal

August 19th Interior Life of Characters

August 26th Ruining the Mood

We’ll see you there, 7pm ET / 4pm PT on #rwchat!

Coming in July… Romance Subgenres

We’re devoting the month of July to chatting about the myriad of subgenres in the romance genre. We don’t have enough weeks for all of them, but here are the ones we’re going to chat about this month:

July 1st Paranormal

July 8th Contemporary

July 15th Suspense

July 22st Historical

July 29th Science Fiction & Fantasy

Come let us know about your experiences writing different subgenres, whether you’ve written in that subgenre, have thought about writing in that subgenre or would never write in that subgenre ever… join us Sundays at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST.

Coming June 24th… Promoting Backlist

Publishing a book is a huge achievement, but we don’t stop writing once we’ve got a book out there. We keep going, which means publishing more books. We often hear phrases like “nothing sells a backlist like a front list” or “backlist is where writers make their money.” How do we get to the point where we have a backlist? What does that look like? And how do you keep selling your backlist even as you’re writing other books? 

Join us to talk about it, Sunday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST.

Coming June 10th… Feedback & Critique

Goodreads. Amazon. Twitter. Your aunt Linda while passing the potato salad at Thanksgiving. Once your book is out there, people are going to tell you what they think about it. Sometimes it’s soaring praise that gives you a special glow all day/week. Sometimes it’s soul crushing criticism that makes you question if you should even be doing this. Sometimes it’s uninformed bullshit that makes you want to fire back with a storm of facts (probably don’t do that).

Learning how to receive feedback and critique graciously, and how to corral the feelings associated to their proper place, is a necessity for a career in publishing. Join us on Sunday, June 10th at 4pm PT | 7pm ET to discuss how we handle it, and how we could handle it better.

Guest Post: Making Promo Fun

It’s May Marketing Month, and we’ve got a post from Michelle Hazen with some advice on how important it is to have find some enjoyment in book promo!

Marketing plan: if you’re like most authors, these are your least favorite words. They always put me in mind of a very wise saying I like to apply to marketing: the healthiest kind of exercise is the one you’ll actually do.

If promoting your book makes you feel like this:

Mad Cleaning Person Continue reading