Coming Jan. 29… Navigating Career Shifts

rwchat-1-29-17-1A long career, a successful one, will shift and change as we grow as writers, but knowing how to navigate those changes isn’t easy. Whether it’s a shift in subgenre, a change in pen name, a switch from indie to traditional to hybid and back – the best way to learn it is to hear from other romance writers who’ve done it.

Come discuss with us how you’ve done it or bring questions to learn how. See you Sunday 4pm PST/ 7pm EST on #RWChat!

~Robin Lovett

Graphic by Alexis Daria 

Coming Jan. 22nd… Character Arc

rwchat-1-22-17The growth and development of a hero or heroine through a novel is as important as the plot itself. There are as many journeys or character arcs as there are people in this world. But there are lots of tropes and patterns that we can build our characters on. What are your favorite character arcs? Which ones have you used and which ones are you looking to explore?

Join us, Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett

Graphic by Alexis Daria

Writing Without Fear: Having the Courage to Write What You Believe

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When shit goes down in our lives, how do we keep writing? At best, we lose our ability to focus on our work. Sometimes it makes us question our work—question whether what we have to say will be relevant. Or at worst, become afraid to write what we write.

There’s no more tragic fear for an author than being afraid to give voice to her story because she fears persecution for it. And that’s what one of my friends said to me recently. She was terrified that her work would be misinterpreted or even ridiculed.

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Coming Jan. 15… Writing Without Fear


We all have ideas about what we want to write but having the courage to write it is often not so easy. We worry what others will think, if anyone will read it, if agents and editors will want to buy it. But writing afraid is no way to write at all. So how can we write with fearlessness? How can we get in touch with the courage to write amidst the pressure to do it well?

Join us Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett

Graphic by Alexis Daria


Coming Jan. 8th… Titles

rwchat-1-8-17The title, the name we give a book, is perhaps its number one marketing tool. Getting it just right makes or breaks a book. But finding the right title can be an exhausting process of lists and options and polling and hair pulling and… Ah!

Making sure the title captures the subgenre, heat level, time period, and tropes, all while being witty and original – the factors to consider are endless.

Come share your ideas and learn how others pick their titles on our next #rwchat. Sunday 4pm PST/ 7pm EST.

~Robin Lovett

Graphic by Alexis Daria