Coming Aug. 7th…”Perfect” Protagonists

RWchat Aug 7Romance readers love powerful protagonists, heroes and heroines who can solve their own problems and overcome any obstacle. Yet, we want our characters human too, which means they have flaws.

As romance writers, how do we balance the need for flaws and fearlessness in our characters? How do we walk the line between challenging our readers with character flaws and giving them the all-powerful characters they want?

Join us with your ideas, join us with questions. See you Sunday at 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett


My Clique

Here at #RWChat we’re all about hearing other people’s stories, so we’ve invited LaQuette to tell us why having a writing community is so essential.



As a writer I require solitude in order to write. Whether that solitude comes from locking myself into my office, or sitting on the couch with my ear buds in and music blasting as my kids play on the living room floor, it doesn’t matter. If I’m going to write, I have to hear my own thoughts to create.

Yes, I need solitude. However, I cannot be continuously alone and successfully tap into my creativity. What’s the difference? Solitude is taking a few moments without distraction to focus on my internal thoughts. Once my work for the day is done, then my need for solitude is completed as well. However, being alone means to have no one, at all, ever. This state of being perpetually alone can be unhealthy for the writer’s mind as well as career. If you’re going to succeed as an author, you’ve got to have a community, a tribe of your own.

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Coming on July 31st… Your First Novel

RW chat July 31 talking about your first novelRemember the first one? Not the first one you published or edited, but the very first one. Or maybe you’re working on it right now!

What got you started? We all start writing for lots of different reasons, but what got you going from the beginning? How much have you learned since then? How is it different from what you’re writing now? And if you’re still writing your first… how’s it going?

Come share your stories or come with questions! Sunday at 7:00pm EST.

~Robin Lovett

The Beauty of Contests

Here at #RWChat we’re all about hearing other people’s stories, so we’ve invited Laura Brown to tell us why she’s participated in writing contests, as a writer and as a mentor.

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I just love writing contests and have been involved on both sides: as an eager entrant and as a judge/mentor. The reason I’m doing the latter is because of how much I learned from the former.

Simply put: I owe everything to contests, directly or indirectly. Contests took me from writing in solitude, to meeting my first critique partners, to learning the basics of the craft. Many contests use twitter hashtags to spread information and knowledge. It’s an excellent way to learn and improve, even if not picked as a finalist.

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July 24th: Finding Community

join us for a discussion on finding your writing tribe
Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt alone as a writer?

Writing is a solitary thing. A lot of the time we like it that way. But a lot of the time we crave company too, and finding it among like-minded writers can be the best company of all.

Come talk with us about places you’ve looked for community, where you’ve had success finding it, and challenges you’ve faced on the journey.

Sunday 7:00 pm EST on #RWChat. See you there!

~Robin Lovett

Special #RWChat! July 16 & 17

RWchat RITA Party 8pmRWA16 – the Romance Writers of America have their national conference this week, culminating in the final award ceremony, the RITAs, on Saturday night. The awards will be streaming live 8pm PST and we’ll do a live tweet together on #RWChat while we’re watching. The live streaming URL is

Then join us Sunday for our regular chat. We’re talking Twitter contests and pitching events!



On July 10th: The Full Time Writer

We all have to make money somehow. How amazing would it be to do it with writing?  It’s not a one book and accomplished kind of thing. The transfer from part-time writer to full-time writer is one we dream of, but how is it done?

Come chat with us about your journey to being a full time writer.

See you Sunday 7pm EST / 4pm PST!

~Robin Lovett

Coming July 3rd… Conferences & Conventions

Lots of writers talk about RWA, RT, BEA, WD, NYCC, SDCC – the acronyms go on. What do they stand for? Writer conferences and book conventions. Have you ever been to one? Come share your experiences. Never been to one? Come with your questions. On your way to one and scared out of your mind? Come for support.

See you Sunday 7pm EST / 4pm PST!