Coming Feb. 26th… Losing the Magic


Graphic by Alexis Daria

We all love to write romance. But what about the days when you’re not feeling the HEA (Happily-Ever-After)? Once in a while, the things going on in life make writing romance the last thing you want to do. How do you write through those times? And what do you do when you feel disconnected from your work, but still have to write for a deadline?

Join us to chat about it. Sunday 4 pm PST / 7pm EST.

~Robin Lovett

Coming Feb. 12th… Contests

rwchat-2-12-17We hear we should do contests, the challenge is knowing when you’re ready and which ones to choose. There are many kinds of contests: ones for published and unpublished writers. There are many reasons to do them: feedback, recognition, marketing. Targeting which contests are for your writing and at what point in your career is something to talk about.

Come share, come learn, see you Sunday 4pm PST/ 7pm EST on #rwchat!

~Robin Lovett

Graphic by Alexis Daria 

Coming Jan. 8th… Titles

rwchat-1-8-17The title, the name we give a book, is perhaps its number one marketing tool. Getting it just right makes or breaks a book. But finding the right title can be an exhausting process of lists and options and polling and hair pulling and… Ah!

Making sure the title captures the subgenre, heat level, time period, and tropes, all while being witty and original – the factors to consider are endless.

Come share your ideas and learn how others pick their titles on our next #rwchat. Sunday 4pm PST/ 7pm EST.

~Robin Lovett

Graphic by Alexis Daria

Coming Jan. 1st… 2017 Goals

RWchat 1-1-17 (1).pngIt’s a brand new year! Let’s welcome 2017 by setting some goals for our writing, and let’s see how S.M.A.R.T. we can make them. Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely goals can help keep us accountable to our goals.

Come join us and discuss our goals for the year together. See you at 7pm EST / 4pm PST.

~Robin Lovett

Graphic by Alexis Daria

Coming Dec. 18th… A Year In Review

rwchat-12-18-16It’s been a year, 2016. And it’s almost over.

It’s the time of year to reflect back on how it’s been. Trying to be as objective as possible – with as little judgement as we can manage – what did we achieve and how did we achieve it? What brave endeavors did try that went well? What ones did we try that did not go well? And which opportunities passed us by that we wish we’d taken and run with?

Join us to chat about it, Sunday 4pm PST/ 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett

Image by Alexis Daria.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Finding Your Readership by Finding Your Own Voice

Our guest post today on Finding Your Ideal Reader is from the always fabulous LaQuette.

Finding your readership is essential to every author’s career.  It doesn’t matter how talented or skilled a writer is, if there’s no one to read it, both the author and the work will fall off into obscurity.

How does an author find their audience?  Simple, by being true to one’s own voice.  Think of your readers as friends you share very specific interests with.  When you hang out with friends to go paintballing, or running, or quilting, it’s because that person(s) thinks you’re interesting enough to spend time with, and you share a common pursuit or perspective.

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Coming Dec. 11th…Finding Your Ideal Reader


  Image by Alexis Daria

Finding out who is the ideal person to read your books is key to selling them. Where your ideal reader hangs out on social media and learning the best ways to attract and engage them is complicated and endless.

Join us to learn what things others have tried – the successes and failures alike – next Sunday Dec. 11th 7pm EST / 4pm PST!

~Robin Lovett

Can Self-Awareness Make You Write Faster?

We have a treat of a guest post this week from R.L. Syme (writing as Becca Boyd). It’s a preview of her series of articles on Self-Awareness coming in RWA’s Romance Writer Report beginning in this month’s December issue.

Everyone wants to write faster and better. Right?

Most people think there’s one way to write faster or better. Somebody’s had success doing “faster” by sprinting, so that’s the way to do it. Somebody else has gone “faster” by outlining ahead, so that’s the way to do it.

Who’s right? Continue reading

Coming Dec. 4th… Antagonists & Villains


Image by Alexis Daria

A good love story isn’t a great one without a powerful obstacle in the way. We love writing about our heroes and heroines falling in love, but as important is a formidable villain or antagonist – someone who gets in their way. It makes our characters fight harder for their love and adds invaluable conflict to the story. But writing those bad guys and gals isn’t always easy for us romance writers.

Come chat with us about how you write your antagonists and learn how others do it too. See you Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett

Coming Nov. 27th… Self-Awareness


Image by Alexis Daria

Sometimes we get in our own way. We have goals and things we want to achieve with our writing but getting there… it just somehow doesn’t happen. Outside forces are often the cause, but often there are things we can do differently to help ourselves. But figuring out which of our ingrained habits are inhibiting us isn’t easy. It takes fortitude and no small amount of self-awareness to discover our optimal habits for success.


Join us this Sunday to chat about the things we can learn about ourselves that will make our writing easier.

See you at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett