Coming May 7th… Newsletters & Websites

RWchat 5-7-17

Graphic by Alexis Daria

It’s May Marketing Month!

The next four weeks we’ll be doing marketing topics. Starting with newsletters & websites, then onto giveaways & promo, advanced readers & reviews, book launch & release day.

Bring your experiences, the good and bad, to share your stories with us. Come with your questions too. (I have lots!) There’s no such thing as knowing too much about marketing, because just writing books isn’t enough. We have to sell them too!

See you Sunday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett

Coming Nov. 6… Blogging for Romance Writers


Graphic by Alexis Daria

We’re all supposed to blog. Everyone says we should have a blog. But blogging is such an intricate process it’s practically it’s own sport. So how do we get in the game?

If you’ve been blogging for years, come share your skills. If you’ve never written a post, join us and learn.

See you Sunday at 4pm PDT/ 7pm EDT!

~Robin Lovett