Coming June 10th… Feedback & Critique

Goodreads. Amazon. Twitter. Your aunt Linda while passing the potato salad at Thanksgiving. Once your book is out there, people are going to tell you what they think about it. Sometimes it’s soaring praise that gives you a special glow all day/week. Sometimes it’s soul crushing criticism that makes you question if you should even be doing this. Sometimes it’s uninformed bullshit that makes you want to fire back with a storm of facts (probably don’t do that).

Learning how to receive feedback and critique graciously, and how to corral the feelings associated to their proper place, is a necessity for a career in publishing. Join us on Sunday, June 10th at 4pm PT | 7pm ET to discuss how we handle it, and how we could handle it better.

Coming Aug 21st…Feedback Etiquette

RWchat feedback etiquette August 21One of the hardest things for us as writers is to take our hands off the keyboard and let someone else view our work. However, before it’s ready for public consumption, we need to make use of critique partners (CPs), alpha and beta readers, writing groups, and of course, editors. With online writing forums, contests, and the ability to connect with other writers on Twitter and other platforms, finding CPs, beta readers, and editors for hire has never been easier.

But what do you do with all the feedback? How do you decide what comments to keep and what to toss? And worse, what if the feedback brings you down? We’ll talk about these dilemmas and more during the next RWchat on Sunday, August 21st, 7pm EST. See you then!

~Alexis Daria