Do I have to have a newsletter?

It’s May Marketing Month on #RWChat. Check out the first installment by Alexis Daria: 5 Things to Include On Your Author Website If You’re Not Yet Published.

I’ve avoided starting a newsletter for over a year now. It’s become a spectre haunting me: Start the email list… it’s your number one marketing tool… everyone says do it… you won’t sell books without it… 

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And all that pressure makes it worse. Continue reading

Coming Jan. 15… Writing Without Fear


We all have ideas about what we want to write but having the courage to write it is often not so easy. We worry what others will think, if anyone will read it, if agents and editors will want to buy it. But writing afraid is no way to write at all. So how can we write with fearlessness? How can we get in touch with the courage to write amidst the pressure to do it well?

Join us Sunday 4pm PST / 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett

Graphic by Alexis Daria