ICYMI: Heroes and Heroines Storify

romance writer chat storify graphicIf you weren’t able to catch last Sunday’s chat on main characters, RWchat co-host C.L. Polk created a Storify highlight reel. During the chat, we talked about our favorite character archetypes, developing backstory, and choosing names for our characters.

Make sure you also check out LaQuette’s guest post on selecting names that speak to the heart of your characters.

Coming June 25th… Heroes & Heroines


Graphic by Alexis Daria

Our main characters are tricky to create. What kind of people they are – whether they follow a trope or not – they’re the foundation of the romance. How the plot and the relationship develops is entirely dependent on who they are. Come chat with us about how you make decisions about who your MCs will be.

Next Sunday 4pm PT/ 7pm ET.

~Robin Lovett

Coming Aug. 7th…”Perfect” Protagonists

RWchat Aug 7Romance readers love powerful protagonists, heroes and heroines who can solve their own problems and overcome any obstacle. Yet, we want our characters human too, which means they have flaws.

As romance writers, how do we balance the need for flaws and fearlessness in our characters? How do we walk the line between challenging our readers with character flaws and giving them the all-powerful characters they want?

Join us with your ideas, join us with questions. See you Sunday at 7pm EST!

~Robin Lovett