Writer, Interrupted

content warning: mentions of self-medication, psychiatric disability.

When Evolution Isn’t Always a Straight Line

I have a gap in my resume. It makes writing bios difficult, trying to cover a gap that yawns across the summer of 2006 to a January day in 2014. I didn’t go on a backpacking trip to Europe or volunteer with the peace corps or pursue personal enrichment. Well. I kinda did, but not in the fun drive a bus across the country sort of way.

I was institutionalized.

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Guest Post: Romancing the Blog

Four Ways Blogging Can Boost Your Author Brand

by Eliza David

Writing romance is time consuming. The drafts, the revisions, the writer blocks, the plot bunnies – it can take over your life.  So why should you invest more time writing in a blog?

Although writing diverse romantic fiction is my first priority, my blog is a crucial component of my platform.  I consider it my space beyond my novels. It supports my brand and boosts my profile.  Here are four ways to make blogging an integral part of your author arsenal as well: Continue reading