Guest Post: Romancing the Blog

Four Ways Blogging Can Boost Your Author Brand

by Eliza David

Writing romance is time consuming. The drafts, the revisions, the writer blocks, the plot bunnies – it can take over your life.  So why should you invest more time writing in a blog?

Although writing diverse romantic fiction is my first priority, my blog is a crucial component of my platform.  I consider it my space beyond my novels. It supports my brand and boosts my profile.  Here are four ways to make blogging an integral part of your author arsenal as well:

  • Be a Guest Blogger – One of the most cost-effective ways to boost your blog presence to guest star on someone else’s. Reach out to your fellow writers and trade blog posts.  This is a great way to cross-promote each other (and nothing’s better than writers supporting writers!).
  • Confess Your Writer Sins – Bad editing, terrible reviews, low sales – we writers have experienced all of these foul-ups and more. Why not write about them?  Blogging about these missteps in your writing career makes you real and relatable to your audience.
  • Claim Your Name – I started my blog on WordPress, a free service which includes their name in your URL. After I began building a following, I invested in webhosting to get ‘wordpress’ out of my URL.  This gave my web presence a sleeker and more professional look.
  • Humanize Yourself – While blogging itself is a great extension of your writing, it’s important not to hide behind the blog. Use it as a tool to network with fellow writers and readers. Make sure your blog’s URL is on your business cards when you attend events.  Drive traffic to your blog via social media.

So make that first step and get your blog going.  You’ll be a better writer for it!

Join us to chat more about Blogging for Romance Writers this Sunday 4pm PDT/ 7pm EDT.! 

elizaheadshotEliza David is the author of the five-star-rated, six-book Cougarette series. She was born and raised on the noisy South Side of Chicago, but now lives in super quiet Iowa. When she’s not writing, working full-time, or raising two children with her loving husband, Eliza enjoys reading throwback Jackie Collins and indulging in the occasional order of cheese fries.

Eliza is also a contributing writer for Real Moms of Eastern Iowa, Good Men Project, and Thirty on Tap. She was a featured panelist at both the Iowa Soul Festival and Iowa City Book Festival in 2016. Eliza’s latest novel, Savage, dropped in September. She’s currently working on an erotic mystery novel for release in 2017.

You can follow Eliza on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on her blog.

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