Twitter for Writers / First Chat Transcript

Twitter is a great big open platform. Knowing what you should, shouldn’t, and can be doing on it can be daunting. Rachel Miller and Brenda Drake — two twitter powerhouses who have taken the sales and publishing worlds by storm — answered questions on how to leverage twitter for your career without feeling like a book-link megaphone.

Guest Hosts:

Rachel Miller


Host of #SBizHour, Excellence Officer at Broadsuite Media Group, Chief Listener at Nimble. Rachel is an industry leader in influence marketing with close to a decade of experience building strong brand communities through social media.

Brenda Drake


Brenda Drake grew up the youngest of three children, an Air Force brat, and the continual new kid at school. She hosts workshops and contests such as Pitch Wars and Pitch Madness on her blog, and holds Twitter pitch parties on the hashtag, #PitMad. When she’s not writing or hanging out with her family, she haunts libraries, bookstores, and coffee shops, or reads someplace quiet and not at all exotic (much to her disappointment). She’s represented by Peter Knapp at Park Literary. Look for her upcoming novel from Entangled Teen LIBRARY JUMPERS, releasing January, 2016.


(RTs have been removed to help with length. There were a lot. 352, if you’re the curious sort.)

@ Tweet Timestamp
rachelloumiller Starting NOW!—Today at 4PM PST I’ll be on #RWChat w/ @brendadrake discussing #socialmedia best practices 2/1/2015 0:00
ChristinKardos High tweet volume could occur… 1st ever #RWChat starting now! Better than Superbowl… Join if you’re free. @rwchat  #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:01
rachelloumiller Hi all! Happy Sunday 🙂 #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:01
rwchat It’s TIME! TWITTER FOR WRITERS is officially beginning. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:01
BellRomance .@mayfairromance and I would like to kick off the first #RWChat by thanking you all for tuning in! 2/1/2015 0:02
rwchat Our guest hosts today are two twitter powerhouses that we can all learn a lot from #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:02
rwchat Through out her career and with her chat #sbizhour @rachelloumiller has rewritten the playbook on using social media for business #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:02
rwchat Many of you already know @brendadrake from wildly popular events #pitchwars and #pitmad connecting writers with mentors and agents #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:02
rachelloumiller woo hoo! —> #content #chicklit RT @rwchat: It’s TIME! TWITTER FOR WRITERS is officially beginning. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:03
rwchat Thank you so much for joining us today and sharing your thoughts @rachelloumiller @brendadrake! #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:03
rwchat We can’t wait to get started and hear what you have to say so let’s kick off some questions! #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:03
rachelloumiller @rwchat Honored to be here and excited to kick off #RWChat with @brendadrake! 2/1/2015 0:03
rwchat Q1: If Writers could only do one thing with their twitter account, what should it be? #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:04
brendadrake Thank for having me today! @rwchat  #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:04
rachelloumiller A1. Engage. Social media is a communication channel. Solicit conversation. Be social. Stop broadcasting. #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:05
rachelloumiller A1. Behave on Twitter as you would in real life. Be interested to be interesting. Ask questions #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:05
brendadrake As I’m extremely excited to be here with @rachelloumiller And to be the first for the new @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:05
rachelloumiller Folks, don’t be afraid to be human. People will be drawn to your personality and your realness #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:05
mayfairromance @rwchat respond to other people on twitter. chat with them. like and retweet their stuff. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:06
ChristinKardos Yes, please! RT @rachelloumiller A1. Behave on Twitter as you would in real life. Be interested to be interesting. Ask questions #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:06
rachelloumiller Twitter tip! → Add hashtags to your Twitter bio so people with shared interests can easily locate you #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:06
brendadrake A1 – engage and make sure your bio reflects who you are. @rwchat  #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:06
BellRomance A1: If @rachelloumiller has taught me nothing, it’s that the answer to this is ENGAGE. Build relationships. Let people know you.#RWChat 2/1/2015 0:06
brendadrake A1 – Making friends is all about being social and participating in conversations. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:07
rachelloumiller Be you. Your success as a social business person is heavily weighted by your social profiles and how likable you are. #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:07
ChristinKardos @rwchat A1) I/m w/Rachel. Be real, be curious. Pretend you’re at a party.  What do you do conversation wise? Do that. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:07
BellRomance @brendadrake what are some of the ways you engage with followers, brenda? #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:07
rachelloumiller #RWchat reading suggestion —> “Be Socially Savvy in Just 30 Min. a Day” 2/1/2015 0:07
NikkBishopSmit @rwchat A1 Start conversations around their specific genre. Create interst around their book & stop punting it endlessly #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:07
brendadrake Stay professional & kind at all times. How do you want others to perceive you?  #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:08
ChristinKardos @NikkBishopSmit @rwchat Love “punting” in your answer.  Great way to put it. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:09
brendadrake I comment on things they tweet & RT important things they’ve tweeted. Commincate & be available to answer questions @BellRomance #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:10
rwchat That’s a good lead in to Q2: What should we never do on twitter? #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:10
rachelloumiller 1st #RWchat happening now! Jump in and share your favorite Twitter tips! 2/1/2015 0:11
ChristinKardos A2) Try to get to third base before you even arrange a date. Don’t be pushy or spammy. And don’t ignore people. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:11
NikkBishopSmit @brendadrake It is about finding common ground, binding principles and likeminded interaction #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:11
rachelloumiller @David_PerrettCO Hashtags organize the chaos. They are equally important for B2B and B2C #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:12
ChristinKardos Apparently there’s a football game vying for attention between commercials and #RWChat. Hmm…. #SB49SMChat 2/1/2015 0:12
BellRomance A2: @TamaraMcCleary has a great analogy on twitter being a cocktail party. Don’t just throw your book at strangers. Mingle.#RWChat 2/1/2015 0:12
rachelloumiller A2. Newsjacking is bad form unless its very relevant to your cause. Using trending hashtags just to get att is not recommended #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:13
brendadrake A2 – Spam your books or comment to others about bad reviews you’ve received. @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:13
NikkBishopSmit @ChristinKardos Dont be pushy & spammy. Gr8 point #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:13
atrueblood5 @rwchat Disparage other writers or their books in any way. #Writing community needs to stick together! #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:13
rachelloumiller Twitter is not your personal megaphone. Seriously stop shouting. Craft all msgs to add value to your network #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:13
brendadrake Some battles can’t be won, it’s best just to walk away #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:13
rachelloumiller Twitter Tip! Avoid politics & religion. And cursing. There’s a time & place for cursing…but Twitter is rarely one of them #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:14
brendadrake I prefer to build others up, not knock them down. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:14
pfiala @rwchat Endless promotion is a no-no. Big turn-off #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:14
ChristinKardos IMO, this is the staple of good strategy. Well said. RT @brendadrake I prefer to build others up, not knock them down. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:15
rachelloumiller Just becuz it’s Twitter doesn’t give u the right to be overly bold & ask for favors right away. Build rapport, give, give some more #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:15
brendadrake Definitely. Well said @NikkBishopSmit! #RWChat Writers already have a common ground. Invest in your community. 2/1/2015 0:16
rachelloumiller TRUTH RT @pfiala: @rwchat Endless promotion is a no-no. Big turn-off #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:16
TinaEllery #RWChat Honestly I hate when authors constantly pimp there books. To me twitter is a creative outlet and a space to find likeminded peps. 2/1/2015 0:17
GemmaBrocato “@pfiala: @rwchat Endless promotion is a no-no. Big turn-off #RWChat” I agree 100% 2/1/2015 0:18
BellRomance A2. I think it comes down to do you care about your followers? You should. They picked you out of the whole internet to listen to. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:18
rachelloumiller 1st #RWchat happening now! Jump in and share your favorite Twitter tips! @rwchat 2/1/2015 0:18
NikkBishopSmit @rachelloumiller The key is relevance. It it bears on content/context then its appropriate #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:19
brendadrake People tune you out if all they hear is promotion about your book.  #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:19
Ava_Jae @BellRomance Love this answer! #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:19
brendadrake Find creative ways to let others know about your book while engaging #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:19
degrafik My Free WordPress Tips & Advice ebook Launch #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:19
BellRomance Actually building relationships takes time, but I think anything else feels intrusive on a social network. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:20
TinaEllery I find it very rewarding to pass on tips and contests to my twitter friends. In turn they have done the same for me. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:20
rachelloumiller 100% agree RT @NikkBishopSmit: @rachelloumiller The key is relevance. It it bears on content/context then its appropriate #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:20
mayfairromance @brendadrake it’s so true! I’ll unfollow someone who is a one subject twitterer – I want to talk to people, not commericals. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:20
NikkBishopSmit @brendadrake @rwchat Spam is to twitter success to what silver bullet is to a vampire #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:20
ChristinKardos I think a genuine love of people and a good amount of empathy really helps. Lends itself to tweeting better – relevant, caring.  #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:20
rachelloumiller @tinaellery People imitate behavior they like. Educate by example 🙂 #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:21
Ava_Jae Agree. RT @BellRomance Actually building relationships takes time, but I think anything else feels intrusive on a social network. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:21
brendadrake @TinaEllery This is a great way to build relationships. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:21
BellRomance i’m glad I started twitter before I have a book out. it’s letting me learn to listen first. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:22
NikkBishopSmit @rachelloumiller @pfiala @rwchat Never be desperate, clingy, needy and annoying when promoting your book. Doesn’t work with gf too #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:22
ChristinKardos Smart! RT @BellRomance i’m glad I started twitter before I have a book out. it’s letting me learn to listen first. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:22
alannalp #RWChat Posting images along with your tweets helps engage people. 2/1/2015 0:23
brendadrake @NikkBishopSmit Hahaha! So true. @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:23
NikkBishopSmit @TinaEllery Never pimp your brand or book on Twitter. Amen #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:23
brendadrake @mayfairromance Right? #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:23
mayfairromance My twitter timeline is a trap because I’m picky about who I follow, and their quality makes my TL engaging. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:23
rwchat So we’ve got what to do and not do. Now Q3: What tools do you use to make twitter easier? #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:23
Ava_Jae @BellRomance Totally agree. Plus it allows you to really connect w/ people long before promotion is even on your mind. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:24
rachelloumiller @alannalp Yes! Visuals are a great way to stand out and get people to click your tweets 🙂 #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:24
ChristinKardos Still more than half of the first ever #RWChat left… If you find football as boring as I do (or want Twitter advice!) jump in. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:24
brendadrake Yes posting images does help. I get more favorites and RTs when I include them. @alannalp #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:24
TinaEllery I’m torn on being professional (boring) and letting my sassy side out to play on twitter. The sassy side usually wins. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:24
mayfairromance @rwchat A3: I still use tweetdeck for my everyday needs. Curious to see what others say. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:24
NikkBishopSmit @BellRomance Respect their time and be on point with the ‘why’ they are following you #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:25
rachelloumiller A3. Twitter itself offers one of the most usual features – Lists. Use Twitter lists to segment contacts & follow important convos #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:25
ChristinKardos @TinaEllery I fervently believe you can do both. Try to avoid the ditches but you can be sassy and professional, too. I think. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:25
brendadrake A3 – I use Tweet Deck to organize. Images to attract. And hashtags to get noticed. @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:25
atrueblood5 The Internet is forever. Try to be kind & add something positive to the conversation. That’s how you make connections. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:25
Ava_Jae Sometimes Hootsuite. Also link up other soc media sites to cross-post. MT @rwchat Q3: What tools do you use to make twitter easier? #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:25
rachelloumiller I’m a proud HootSuite fangirl. HootSuite is the center of my universe and my most favorite social media management tool #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:25
morgan_romance @rwchat A2: ‘Subtweeting,’ the practice of saying bad things about others but not naming names. Makes you look petty. #RWAchat #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:26
Ava_Jae @TinaEllery You can totally be sassy and professional. 🙂 #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:26
rachelloumiller I use Swayy, Trendspottr and Newsle to locate quality content. Always READ the articles before posting! #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:26
ChristinKardos For you writers (since I’m not one) – I’m much more interested if I can see who you are – not just what you’re writing.  #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:26
rachelloumiller I also use Buffer, Pocket, and HootSuite to schedule content on Twitter and other social networks #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:26
morgan_romance @rwchat A2: ‘Subtweeting’ the practice of saying bad things about other people but not naming names. Makes you look petty! #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:27
rachelloumiller @Canva is great for this 🙂 #RWchat RT @alannalp: @rachelloumiller Mems work really well too. An extra bonus if you create your own! 2/1/2015 0:27
ChristinKardos A3) @buffer to schedule, @Nurph to chat, @Hootsuite to view multiple streams, @canva for graphics (dead easy) @SumAll for insight. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:27
brendadrake .@rachelloumiller I’m switching to HootSuite and now I really am. I’ve heard great things about it. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:27
rachelloumiller I use SocialRank & ManageFlitter to regularly audit Twitter accounts. It’s imp to know who’s following u & when they’re most active #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:27
ChristinKardos @rachelloumiller I heart Newsle! It’s so fun when you can s/o someone before they even know they’ve been written about, too. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:28
rwchat @Ava_Jae @TinaEllery I think people appreicate the real glimpse. I write historical but I let my trash mouthed messy flag fly. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:28
degrafik Top 5 Places for Good Reference and Research For Your Business Marketing #SbizHour #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:28
TinaEllery And hallelujah!@NikkBishopSmit @brendadrake #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:28
rachelloumiller @ChristinKardos YES! Such a great tool for proactive engagement! #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:29
GemmaBrocato I like TweetDeck because it allows me to schedule tweets. @rwchat but I still  tweet whenever a great song on the radio #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:29
rachelloumiller @alannalp It makes creating eye catching graphics incredibly easy – and FAST @canva #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:29
alannalp #RWChat I just joined @Biosgraphy today. Has anyone tried it? Do you like if? 2/1/2015 0:29
BellRomance @brendadrake I’m on hootsuite right now to follow the chat. It’s got a little learning curve but so many options. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:29
rwchat Different sort of tool but Q4: What are the best writer hashtags? #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:30
Ava_Jae @rachelloumiller @alannalp @canva I just looked at it—it looks really neat! I’ll have to check it out. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:30
brendadrake @BellRomance Yes, and I’m learning. Ha! #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:31
alannalp @rachelloumiller What’s the most effective way to schedule posts? I really draw a blank every time I sit down and try to do that. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:31
BellRomance A4: I recently discovered #wwwwriting by @wwwriting. Was excited to learn it started as a #pitchwars unwind and grew.#RWChat 2/1/2015 0:31
mayfairromance @rwchat A4: I’m really fond of #tenqueries. there’s a ton of wisdom in those short, frank reasons why a query gets a yes or a no. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:31
ckoliver_writes Q1: Connect with other writers and publishers that inspire you. Find a community that will challenge and inspire you. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:32
atrueblood5 Make sure you fill out your Twitter bio. People more likely to follow if you share common interest: writing, reading, blogging etc. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:32
morgan_romance @rwchat A4: #MSWL Manuscript Wish List—what agents and publishers are looking for. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:32
TinaEllery On the pimping topic. I have no problem promoting my twitter friends books. #RWChat And I do it often. I also suggest authors to follow. 2/1/2015 0:32
rachelloumiller @alannalp Buffer makes it very efficient and simple. For a more manual approach I use HootSuite #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:33
ChristinKardos @Ava_Jae @rachelloumiller @alannalp @canva Sweet! Another Canva convert.  You’ll never look back. 🙂 #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:33
brendadrake A4 – For querying writers #querytips #10queries #queryluch are great hashtags @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:33
Ava_Jae #mswl = big help for querying (or soon to be) writers. RT  @rwchat Different sort of tool but Q4: What are the best writer hashtags? #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:33
BellRomance Obviously I’m a huge fan of #pitchwars and #pitmad. Got an agent, a ton of knowledge, and a lot of amazing writer friends from them. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:34
brendadrake A4 – for writing hashtags: #pubtip #writingtip #Publaw #amwriting #amediting #amrevising #writer #writing @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:34
atrueblood5 @brendadrake #askagent too!  @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:34
ckoliver_writes Q2: learn Twitter etiquette and  encourage diversity. Tweeting in a cisgender heteronormative vacuum is erasive to diverse authors. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:34
ChristinKardos @alannalp @Ava_Jae @rachelloumiller @canva For now it’s just browser based – though app has been suggested.  #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:35
rachelloumiller @alannalp Browser version is cool too @ChristinKardos @Ava_Jae @canva #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:35
BellRomance @TinaEllery right? Its so exciting when you see one that’s a match. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:35
brendadrake A4 – For contests: #PitchWars #PitchMadness #sunvssnow #PitchMas there’s others. Help? @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:35
rachelloumiller @ChristinKardos There’s an iPad app I use sometimes. Most frequently I just use the browser version @alannalp @Ava_Jae @canva #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:36
ckoliver_writes A3: Tweetdeck for scheduling my #1linewed @RWAKissofDeath tweets! #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:36
brendadrake A4 – For genres: #yalit #adlit #mglit #yabooks #kidlit … @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:36
rwchat Keeping the love going since half the battle is finding good connection Q6: Who are some of your favorite accounts to follow? #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:37
degrafik @rachelloumiller thank you, so now? I’m in the UK would I be welcome? #SbizHour #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:37
Ava_Jae @brendadrake @rwchat Also #adpit…and I feel like I’m forgetting others… #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:37
Ava_Jae @brendadrake @rwchat Also #NAlitchat! #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:38
ChristinKardos @rachelloumiller @alannalp @Ava_Jae @canva When they roll out an iPhone version it’s going to get REAL. 🙂 #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:38
rachelloumiller +100 RT @ChristinKardos: @rachelloumiller @alannalp @Ava_Jae @canva When they roll out an iPhone version it’s going to get REAL. 🙂 #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:38
ChristinKardos Really enjoying chatting w/ actual book authors. A rare treat for me.  Jump into #RWChat if you can… 20 mins left. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:40
rwchat (If you’re looking for Q5, you’re not crazy. I totally skipped it. #RWChat) 2/1/2015 0:40
mayfairromance @brendadrake @rwchat I think we did miss Q5! #RwChat 2/1/2015 0:40
ChristinKardos Um, I love this chat. Love.  RT @rwchat (If you’re looking for Q5, you’re not crazy. I totally skipped it. #RWChat) #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:40
brendadrake A6 – I like following @maureenjohnson & @ChuckWendig for fun and informative tweets & content @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:41
BellRomance @brendadrake this is the part where I blame @rachelloumiller @christinkardos @mayfairromance for their boozey peer pressure #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:41
mayfairromance @BellRomance @brendadrake @rachelloumiller @christinkardos just doing our part. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:42
brendadrake A6 Writers who tweet right & engage @KierstenWhite @RachelHarrisBks @DelilahSDawson @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:42
BellRomance A6: @LitRejections was crucial when I first started & @TMFproject keeps me fired up to kick ass and take on the world. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:42
TinaEllery I’m trying to create lists. The feature at first I found hard, but now with 3,000 followers I need to get organized. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:42
rachelloumiller A6 I monitor hashtags & who ppl I find interesting are following. It’s also smart to peep other ppls Twitter lists #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:42
alannalp @TinaEllery #RWChat It’s really all about the image you want to sell. If your image is sassy, own it. 2/1/2015 0:43
brendadrake A6 for great tweets & RT about the industry I read @msheatherwebb’s feed @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:43
rachelloumiller State the obvious → Twitter chats are a great place to connect and find and be found by like minded people 🙂 #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:43
GemmaBrocato @TinaEllery @rwchat oh no! I should be doing Twitter contests? LOL #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:43
ChristinKardos @TinaEllery YES.  Fully relatable here. But organizing my own lists and raiding other ppls lists is now a high priority. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:43
rachelloumiller I also use @Twtrland to identify people who are tweeting about certain topics that interest me #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:43
BellRomance @TinaEllery Lists started saving my life in the face of all the buy links. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:43
brendadrake A6 For understand contracts I like @@SusanSpann & #Publaw @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:43
ChristinKardos YES! @rachelloumiller just mentioned @Twtrland – I’m new to it but really love it.  Recommend. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:44
BellRomance A6: @chuckwendig also makes me laugh constantly. @bradfordlit is one of my inspirations for letting people get to know you.#RWChat 2/1/2015 0:44
rwchat Now to travel back in time: Q5: Where/how do you find followers? #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:45
atrueblood5 @rwchat @SaraMegibow, @literaticat, @Janet_Reid, @notjustanyboggs all tweet very helpful #agenttips #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:45
rachelloumiller 45 mins into the 1st #RWchat and I adore this community 🙂 2/1/2015 0:46
ckoliver_writes Q4: I enjoy #DiverseSFF #DiverseCanLit #mswl and #amwritingfantasy #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:46
TinaEllery Too funny, my new thing is following other peoples lists. @ChristinKardos #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:46
vincenzolandino #TwitterChat definitely helped me: @rachelloumiller #RWChat #SB49SMChat 2/1/2015 0:46
alannalp @rwchat @winellroad #ftw #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:46
ChristinKardos A5) Other people’s lists, recs from friends, ppl tweeting hashtags of interest, and I even follow @magicrecs (see for more). #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:46
BellRomance @GemmaBrocato @TinaEllery I love them. Agents seemed to be a lot more approachable/less formal in the twitter contests. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:46
ChristinKardos YES! Me, too. RT @vincenzolandino #TwitterChat definitely helped me: @rachelloumiller #RWChat #SB49SMChat #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:47
ckoliver_writes Q5: Usually they find me in #DiverseSFF or #lesfic hashtags. Also #1linewed! #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:48
mayfairromance My following lists have grown so fast during this chat. So many great people to follow. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:48
brendadrake A5 I find followers during contests & Twitter events, from friends I follow & hashtags for writing or TV shows I watch @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:48
ChristinKardos A5) You can actually search #FF and #FollowFriday and look for tweets w/actual detail about why to follow the people. I love those. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:48
BellRomance Not caring about the follower to follow-ee ratio took all the pressure out of twitter for me and made it a blast. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:48
ChristinKardos A5) Twitter chats like this = goldmine.   #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:48
rwchat Q7: When is the best time (day/week) to tweet? #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:50
brendadrake A5 – Finding friends goes back to engaging with others. You “meet” others from those you communicate with. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:50
rachelloumiller A7. Use tools like FollowerWonk to identify the best times to tweet for YOUR unique network. #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:50
rachelloumiller A7 Be aware of the network size of your followers. If they have smaller accounts tweet less to avoid spamming them #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:51
rachelloumiller Use to see what and when certain hashtags are used. Also great for finding subsets of popular hashtags #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:51
rachelloumiller This! —> RT @christinkardos: A5) Twitter chats like this = goldmine.   #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:52
brendadrake I find that during the early hours is a great time 7AM-10AM during the week.Traffic picks up at lunch breaks & after dinner. @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:52
BellRomance We posted a popular vs effective study graphic the other day, but it obviously depends on who you want to hear you. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:52
TinaEllery Okay, you are a wealth of knowledge! I am totally looking up all of these links tonight. @rachelloumiller Big Thanks! #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:52
morgan_romance @rwchat A7: Mornings/midday. That seems to be when people are most active, at least for me. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:52
alannalp @rwchat if you’re international, it really depends on time zones. A lot if my fav ppl are 13 hrs ahead so I chat at midnight a lot #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:52
buffer @rachelloumiller Thanks for including us on this great list, Rachel! 🙂 #RWchat -Mary 2/1/2015 0:53
rachelloumiller @TinaEllery Welcome 🙂 Happy to answer any questions you have. I’m a social tool junkie 🙂 #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:53
brendadrake @TinaEllery Me too! Great info. by @rachelloumiller #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:53
TinaEllery And you do need to engage. This is the one thing I am surprised that more authors don’t do @brendadrake #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:53
ChristinKardos @rwchat A7) I always sprinkle a few tweets in while I’m asleep.  There are humans out there who are awake at those times! #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:53
rwchat @TinaEllery She knows Everything! It’s life changing. So lucky to have her as a friend and on the chat. #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:54
shaila_writes @brendadrake So true. Imagine a party where all you do is pimp your book. No one will want you around. Engage! It’s *social* media. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:54
rachelloumiller @christinkardos Ditto! My network is global…and includes a lot of night owls 🙂 #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:54
brendadrake True @ChristinKardos – When I’m editing, I’m up late and will tweet between breaths. @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:55
traceylclark11 @rwchat #rwchat Q1… hmmm.. rule the world? run speed dating sites for their characters? nah.. I say, brainstorm new ideas 24/7 2/1/2015 0:55
ChristinKardos True tweet is true. MT @rwchat @rachelloumiller knows Everything! It’s life changing.  #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:55
mayfairromance I have learned so much from this #RWChat, it’s really amazing how much knowledge there is right here. 2/1/2015 0:55
rwchat (Skipping Q8 for time, not due to tequila) Q9: Is there a good WAY to promote my book on twitter? #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:57
rachelloumiller #RWchat must-read —> “40 + Social Media Tools for Personal Branding” by @iSocialFanz on @LinkedIn 2/1/2015 0:57
rachelloumiller A9. Lead with WHY and not just WHAT. Give people a reason to want to read your book. #RWchat 2/1/2015 0:58
brendadrake A8 Promoting your work, is about promoting yourself. But you can tweet about fun events like book covers & blog tours. #RWChat @rwchat 2/1/2015 0:58
mayfairromance @rwchat i was attracted to a book because the author talked about subjects the book was about, rather than the book itself. #RWChat 2/1/2015 0:59
shaila_writes @rwchat A5 – I’m surprised how well thanking followers & starting convos w/them works. It usually triggers several more to follow #rwchat 2/1/2015 0:59
brendadrake (A8) thank those & respond to those who’ve mentioned your book or mention they’re reading it with short thank yous #RWChat @rwchat 2/1/2015 0:59
BellRomance When I go to an author’s twitter, I always look for their website/book link in their bio if i’m interested. #rwchat 2/1/2015 1:00
ChristinKardos A8) From my perspective? Interact with me and interest me in you. Then I will naturally want to read your book because I like you.  #rwchat 2/1/2015 1:00
brendadrake I meant those to be A9 not A8. D’oh! @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:00
atrueblood5 @rwchat Create a street team. Work with bloggers. Build a base for word-of-mouth promotion. #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:00
shaila_writes Found some really great tips! Thanks everyone! 🙂 #rwchat 2/1/2015 1:01
Ava_Jae @ChristinKardos Totally agree! I have lots of books I’ve read or are on my TBR list for this reason. #rwchat 2/1/2015 1:01
iSocialFanz @rachelloumiller @LinkedIn thanks Rachel you’re the best! #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:01
brendadrake Having the right bio will get others to follow you. I don’t follow unless I “know” who you are. #RWChat @BellRomance 2/1/2015 1:02
alannalp @atrueblood5 @rwchat What are some good ways to utilize a street team #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:02
ChristinKardos First ever #RWChat killed it. Fantastic. Great insight from @rachelloumiller and @brendadrake. I’ll come again for sure. #rwchat 2/1/2015 1:02
brendadrake Have a pic – don’t be an egg head @BellRomance #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:02
BellRomance @Ava_Jae @ChristinKardos I’ve bought a few I would never have picked up because I fell in love with the authors on social. #rwchat 2/1/2015 1:02
brendadrake I’m such an OCD – everything has to go in order. LOL @BellRomance #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:03
rachelloumiller Thanks for the great discussion everyone! Looking forward to future chats 🙂 #RWchat 2/1/2015 1:03
alannalp @ChristinKardos #RWChat  I have this problem where my friends lust is too cluttered to keep up with anyone. I need to organize my lists 2/1/2015 1:03
KaireeTaylor Thanks @rachelloumiller and @brendadrake for all the great tips on #RWChat tonight! 2/1/2015 1:04
morgan_romance @rwchat A8: be a person, not just a promo machine! The promotion will come naturally. #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:04
GemmaBrocato Loved this chat. Looking forward to future chats. Thanks for all the tips @rwchat  #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:04
rwchat Thank you so much to @brendadrake and @rachelloumiller for guest hosting the first ever #RWChat! It has been amazing! 2/1/2015 1:04
brendadrake A9 When it’s time to squee about a book cover or a release event, the friends you built by engaging will want to celebrate with you #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:04
ckoliver_writes Q9: By mentioning why it will appeal to your community. What makes it different? Not being pushy helps, too! #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:05
DEmeryBunn @rachelloumiller @KaireeTaylor How much I wish people would do this. Broadcasters follow me and expect follow back. #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:05
bdaniell628 So very true! MT @brendadrake: Have the right bio. I don’t follow unless I “know” who you are. #RWChat @BellRomance 2/1/2015 1:05
Ava_Jae This was great! Totally looking forward to next week. 🙂 #rwchat 2/1/2015 1:05
Ava_Jae @bdaniell628 @brendadrake @BellRomance Yes! I don’t follow anyone without a bio. #rwchat 2/1/2015 1:06
vleighwrites @Ava_Jae A chat about romance? Boo Superbowl for making me miss it! #rwchat 2/1/2015 1:07
brendadrake Thank you @rwchat for including me. I learned a lot from @rachelloumiller -she’s amazing! #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:07
rachelloumiller @ChristinKardos Super appreciate the #RWchat support Tink! I heart you 🙂 2/1/2015 1:07
brendadrake @Ava_Jae I learned from my grandmother – “don’t follow strangers, they’ll lead you down a dark alley” @bdaniell628 @BellRomance #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:08
ckoliver_writes @brendadrake We’re mutuals over on my other account, but wanted to say thanks here for #RWChat! Both you and it are awesome. 2/1/2015 1:08
rwchat Don’t miss Next Week’s chat “Pitching Happy Ever After” with @bookendskim and @avajae #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:08
mayfairromance @vleighwrites come next week when @Ava_Jae is one of our guest hosts for “Pitching Happy Ever After!” 7pm EST #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:09
brendadrake @ckoliver_writes Thank you for participating. We learn from everyone contributing in events like this. #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:09
brendadrake @mayfairromance Thank you, Angela, I appreciate your help & comments, too!  @rachelloumiller #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:10
rachelloumiller @ChristinKardos Yes @rwchat @BellRomance brought their A game for sho! 🙂 #RWchat 2/1/2015 1:10
rwchat Don’t miss next week’s #RWChat “Pitching Happy Ever After” with @BookEndsKim and @Ava_Jae! 2/1/2015 1:10
rachelloumiller @brendadrake It was a fun chat! Great time co-hosting with you 🙂 #RWchat 2/1/2015 1:11
rachelloumiller @DEmeryBunn The worst is when they actually ASK you to follow back….NO @KaireeTaylor #RWchat 2/1/2015 1:13
DEmeryBunn @rachelloumiller @KaireeTaylor Or when I follow someone and get smacked with an auto DM… #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:15
rachelloumiller @DEmeryBunn Folks get a lot of bad social media advice… @KaireeTaylor #RWchat 2/1/2015 1:16
brendadrake Don’t be afraid to ask me questions. I follow all writers & DMs are welcome. #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:18
brendadrake @rachelloumiller I have a lot of home work from all your great advice. Thank you! #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:19
DEmeryBunn @rachelloumiller @KaireeTaylor I don’t understand why people go for it. My following is “small”, but not filled with garbage. #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:21
mayfairromance @DEmeryBunn @rachelloumiller @KaireeTaylor i’d rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies, as the saying goes… #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:21
neewynne This lady 💗💗 “@brendadrake: Don’t be afraid to ask me questions. I follow all writers & DMs are welcome. #RWChat” 2/1/2015 1:23
KaraBraden #RWChat just earned its own column in Tweetdeck. Great advice! 2/1/2015 1:23
DEmeryBunn @rachelloumiller Yep. Better views that matter than clicks that mean nothing. #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:24
patesden Thanks for RTing about chat @GemmaBrocato I forgot about it, but just read the tweets and followed @rwchat #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:27
brendadrake Thanks everyone, I’m off for dinner, but if you have any questions, I’m always happy to answer them. #RWChat 2/1/2015 1:28

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